After only a few years in the market, thousands of discerning sock customers are switching loyalty to Woodroad, the fast growing Texas brand. 

We've asked out customers what they love about Woodroad's Alpaca and Merino wool blend socks, and here's what they say. 

1. "I can't believe how soft these socks feel!" The blend of natural and synthetic materials makes Woodroad socks feel ridiculously soft every time you put them on. 

2. "Finally, socks that keep my feet warm!" Don't let a cold winter outing get spoiled by cold toes - Woodroad socks have hollow fibers that provide superior insulation. 

3. "No more holes in the toes." Every pair of socks is made using reinforced, seamless toe technology, preventing holes in the toes and keeping toes comfortable at the same time. 

4. "Glad to find some quality socks that don't break the bank." Because Woodroad socks are sold direct-to-consumer, Woodroad can keep bringing top quality products to you at a lower price than the competition. 

5. "They're guaranteed for life." Woodroad stands behind its products. Every product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for life. 

6. "I love the classic style!" Everything Woodroad makes is made with timeless design in mind, so the